Intel 칩셋 업데이트 유틸입니다.  간단하게 다운받으신 후 실행만 하시면 됩니다. ^^

▶ 홈페이지 :


● 지원 칩셋 : 목록에 없는 칩셋이라도 대부분 지원합니다.

  # Intel® 5 Series Chipsets
  # Intel® 4 Series Chipsets
  # Intel® 3 Series Chipsets
  # Intel® 900 Series Chipsets
  # Intel® 800 Series Chipsets
  # Intel® Server/Workstation Chipsets

● 갱신된 점 

  - Implemented workaround for a Bluetooth pairing issue
  - Implemented /v”extractdrivers=<path>” switch
  - Installer modified to properly handle the Windows Hardware Error Device* for Windows Server 2008
  - Fixed issue where installer was giving a misleading error message
     and exit/result code when update is not needed

  - Fixed issue where installer would overwrite the whed_dev.inf for the Windows Hardware Error Device* 
     and cause the test to fail

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